Our Services

Dr. Shashi Dhar can offer the following specialized audiology services:

  • Comprehensive Ear and hearing examination - ALL age groups - using “State of the Art equipment”
  • Pediatric audiology
  • Early hearing detection and intervention (EHDI) and TN state protocol
  • Video Otoscopy - Cerumen management - (ear wax), PE Tube evaluation, etc.
  • Electrophysiological Tests - Otoacoustic Emission (OAE), Electrocochleography (EcoG), Immittance Audiometry
  • Auditory Evoked Response (ABR),  Vestibular tests  for Vertigo, Dizziness and other balance disorders
  • Diagnosis and management of ear disorders, eg: Ear infections, Otosclerosis, Impacted Cerumen (ear wax), etc
  • Diagnosis and management of inner ear disorders (eg: Meniere's Disease, Sudden hearing loss, Ototoxicity, Presbycusis, Labyrinthitis, BPPV, etc.)
  • Auditory processing disorders, Auditory Neuropathy
  • Industrial hearing conservation - Noise induced hearing loss
  • Hearing evaluations for DOT physicals, Failed hearing test at school, kindergarten, NICU.
  • Evaluation and management of Tinnitus, Vertigo / Dizziness / Imbalance, Sudden hearing loss

Healthy Hearing Tips

Hearing problems are the third most chronic health condition in the United States. These problems can be linked simply to ear wax, ear infections to some inner ear disorders like Meniere’s disease, infections, tumor, loud noise exposure, heredity, age-related presbycusis, repeated colds, long standing diabetes, or high blood pressure, and even side effects of certain ototoxic drugs.

Issues with hearing can affect a person socially. Whether it is trying to have a conversation with friends, listen to the TV, or enjoy your favorite music. Not being able to hear properly can take the joy out of your favorite activities.

Here is some healthy ear advice:

  • When swimming, use swimmer's ear plugs to the keep the ears dry. This prevents swimmers ear infections.
  • Avoid loud noises, use protection like ear plugs or ear muffs when operating noisy machinery
  • Turn down the volume of your Personal CD/MP3 player
  • Every child and adult should have a hearing test done annually
  • Get your ears examined / cleaned regularly (A build up of ear wax can mask infections and decrease hearing ability)
  • Avoid using Q-tips frequently to clean out your ears.  This could push the wax deep inside, stimulate the glands to over produce ear wax and even result in self-induced damage to the ear canal or ear drum.
  • “Does your kid gets dizziness? Ask your Audiologist to perform Inner ear testing.  Nearly 60 % of children with dizziness/vertigo have Inner ear disorders -Vestibular Disorder”, ASHA 2017.

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